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From Comm 306,  integrated strategic communications, I really learned a lot. From the mistakes that I have made to the progress I made, here are my top 5 tips for success in Comm 306.

  1. Blogging is everything. When I say blogging is everything, I mean it is just about all there is for this class. 40% of the grade is from blogging, that is worth a lot. Also, when blogging make sure you spend enough time to look it over  because part of the criteria is to have perfect grammar. And when you rush your work, it is easy to make a few mistakes here and there. Furthermore, make the blogs look good and have a purpose. Don’t blog just trying to cram info because you know that no one wants to read a page of straight info.
  2. Don’t fall behind. I know many students leave everything to the last minute, and this is definitely not the class to do so. Blogs may seem short and easy, but to have good blog posts requires time and effort. It is really easy to fall behind on blogging because for most of the semester the emphasis on blogging is not too much. For me I thought “well, all the blogs are due by April 26, so I will just bang them out in the last couple days.” That just doesn’t work. I realized in the later half of the semester that I need to consistently keep blogging or else I will be nowhere near completing all of them. It’s all about staying on top of your blog every single week. This way, its not tough at all. You just have to take initiative and not slack off. Not to mention that you will lose marks for posting all your blogs in bulk and not posting on the expected week.
  3. Don’t stop reading. I admit that reading a textbook is not the most enjoyable thing to do. But the textbook for this class is not bad because some of the chapters are really interesting. For me, because I have an interest in public relationsI found some of the information useful. Also, reading for PR is not like reading a textbook in science or business class, it is more in tune with what is happening in our lives now that influence us as humans. Going back to my second tip, you don’t want to fall behind on reading because it is a lot of reading. It took me approximately at least 30 minutes to read a chapter and blog. With 20 chapters I estimate that is is around 17 hours of work. You might think “well, 17 hours isn’t that bad, I can just bang it out in one full day.” Wrong. You can only read so much and blog in one day. It’s because it is physically and mentally exhausting to do so.
  4. Remember its not that bad. You just have to understand that blogging is not like other class work. Some of the chapters and ISC Connections can actually be interesting. For me, once I completed my first really good blog, I felt really good about it. I self motivated myself to have a nice blog. I think a good way of thinking is to think of your blog as your own personal website. You have to take care of it and make it look good. Like a pet, you have to feed it with blogs consistently. Cause if you leave your pet to starve until the end, it will metaphorically die or fail.
  5. Go to the first month of class. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend my first month of classes. Turns out, in those few classes, I missed too much. I missed out on learning how to blog. Those classes teach you how to use the blogging website, “wordpress.com,” and teach you the importance of the blogs. For me, because I missed so much, I had trouble using the website and did not know what to do to make a good grade in this class.

These tips I think would be very useful for all who are going to be taking this class. At first I really disliked the class because it thought blogging was a bunch of non sense. To be honest, I thought blogging was for computer nerds who had no friends so they would use it to share their thoughts. I learned, that not the case. The world of communication is changing ever so quickly, and social media, such as blogging, is becoming an integral part of it.


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Endorsements play a huge role in professional sports. When I see a PGA Tour golfer wearing certain clothes and using a brand of golf clubs, I want to get what they use. Brands have the power to influence the world by having pros use their products and services.

Tiger Woods for example, when I was getting into golf I wanted to be just like him, I wanted everything Nike. Golf clubs, I got Nike. Clothes, I got Nike. Shoes, I got Nike. It did not matter if Nike had better products or not, I just wanted Nike. That’s how Nike Golf made millions.

I think, endorsement and branding have the most influence on kids because when we are young, we want whatever the coolest has. At that time, Tiger, was the man. I know for a fact that Nike Golf would be nowhere close to be competing with the best golf companies out there. Pros in fact are a role model for the people that play their sport. It is amazing how their actions reflect the consumer market.

The Nike commercial above for instance. The video is nothing but Tiger juggling a golf ball with his club. It in no way shows how the Nike products themselves are better. No scientific evidence or anything. The only thing the commercial portrays in Tiger and his skill. Kids see a commercial like this and they remember it because its cool. So children think, “Because Tiger is cool, then Nike must be cool right? Because Tiger is the best golfer, Nike must be the best clubs right?” Looking back, I now know that Nike’s clubs were not close to being as good as the competition. But I fell for Nike’s effective endorsement of Tiger Woods. He alone made all the difference.


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Google, a powerhouse in the world of business, has taken initiative to spend more money on lobbying. Google spent a whopping 1.48 million compared to the 1.38 last year on lobbying. Not to mention, Facebook also spent some $230, 000 on lobbying. The amount doesn’t seem like a lot compared to what Google spent but it is still five times more than what they spent last year.

The reason Google decided on spending more is because of the government’s unsureness of Google’s “$700-million purchase of airline fare tracker ITA Software and the privacy uproar after the launch of social networking service Buzz.” I realize that Google sees interest in the social networking service. So, clearly, as the social networking business rises Google is buying out those types of services because they know the future lies in the internet.


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Throughout the world soccer is a huge source of entertainment. It is the most played sport on earth yet I do not think that it is very well portrayed in America. Yes, lots American’s play, but for such a popular sport the media support is just not existent. The public relations side of soccer in America is in need of a boost.

Being that the United States is largely a multicultural country there is no reason why soccer should not prosper. Look at the NFL for instance, the amount of work and money invested in the media is tremendous. Whereas you virtually see no commercials or advertising for the MLS. It is so bad that most people don’t even know what MLS (Major League Soccer) stands for! What the MLS needs to do first is to get the name out more. People need to hear about the MLS more often on the news and on the streets.

Also, the MLS is in need of more stars. Back when David Beckham was signed by the LA Galaxy the MLS gained lots of hype. After he joined famous names started popping up in the MLS. But since then, much of the hype has been lost, and there is need for a new face. They must get world class players in the US to promote soccer on a higher level because currently the MLS is disregarded as a unrecognized club.

Commercials like the one below have to be aired on TV because they are effective. When I, personally, see a commercial like this, it make me want to play soccer and watch soccer. But, however good a commercial it may be, it was not shown enough for people to repeatedly see and grasp.

The only problem is the money. With the economy at a low it is tough for the MLS to invest lots of money into advertising. Not to mention, because the MLS doesn’t have much money, they have trouble recruiting world class players that would create more views. All the issues are connected being that if they had better publicity, they would have more fans, with more fans come more money, and with more money better players. My suggestion for the MLS would be to concentrate on publicity because, unlike advertising, it does not cost much money.


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As we have learned in class, the use of social media networks has become a powerful tool in communicating ideas. Google’s marketing executive, Wael Ghonim, who is in charge of the operations in Egypt used mediums like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with the people of Egypt. He is using social media to connect with the Egyptians because he knows that it is a quick and efficient way of spreading words.

Ever since the end of President Mubarak, Egypt has been struggling to get back on its feet. People want and need a voice but much of what they are saying is unheard. The people holding on to the power in Egypt are in essence the one’s corrupting it. Wael, want to be the change in this. He understands that there is a need for new voice that will echo among the people of Egypt.

Wael, in fact, has gone out of his way to support the people of Egypt by taking a break from Google and starting his own nongovernmental organization. He announced on Twitter that he ” Decided to take a long term sabbatical from Google and start a technology-focused NGO to help fight poverty and foster education in Egypt.” It is a perfect example of how Twitter has become such a useful tool in announcing information. However, before this happened, Ghonim was actually put in prison for what he posted on his Facebook. He, visibly, was encouraging the pro democracy movement on Facebook and his message was seen by thousands.

For the very reason that Ghonim’s message was heard, is why the Egyptian government had banned the internet. It is because social media is such an efficient way to pass information whether it be good or bad. I hope that the efforts of Wael Ghonim be heard and that the corruption in Egypt be put to an end. And I have a feeling that the use of social media is going to have a huge effect on the outcome.


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There is no denying that the advancements in technology has made it easier for us to communicate globally. Now, with the availability of the internet world wide, the earth seems like a much smaller place. For me, the internet has given me the power to communicate with my parents who live in South Korea through email, cell phone, and Skype. This kind of information exchange would have never been expected 60 years ago and because of this the world is a new playing field. Also, the ways we can communicate is still growing and the possibilities are just amazing.

Now that the world is much smaller in retrospect, companies are more willing to expand globally as well. Countries such as India and China are growing extremely fast and are easy targets to globalize. India for example has the worlds second largest population. With that kind of demographic it would be a great place to market a product or service because there would be such a large amount of people interested. Also, because India is not yet a fully developed country, there are areas in which some businesses have not touched.

The most important fact that I retrieved from this chapter is that, because businesses are expanding and global communication is necessary, the need for public relations professionals is on the rise. The demand for PR professionals is high because there needs to be people who can communicate with the thousands of people that; speak different languages, have different dialects, live different cultures,  enforce different laws, and much more. There are tonnes of positions to be filled and clearly not enough PR professionals to fill them.


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I never knew that, in the past, the practice of public relations was banned in the American Government. However, the rule was not very defined, so the people found ways around it. Instead, as stated in the book, there were public affairs experts, information officers, press secretaries and communications specialists. (pg.278). It was a sneaky way of practicing public relations by having sub divisions for the actions public relations specialists perform.

One of the most public relations active parts of the government is the defense department. I am very new to this being that I am from Canada and I can clearly tell that the army is much more publicized in America. Ever since I have been in America I have seen dozens of commercials about the army and the navy. It is interesting to me because the commercials are really well made and often televised. Epic music is played along with motivational cometary and cool scenes that makes the viewer want to join and feel pride in the army. You can clearly see that they have spent a lot of money on the advertisements. Whereas in Canada, I don’t believe that I have seen many, if any, commercials of the Canadian Army.

Not to forget, the use of PR by the president plays a massive role in communicating with the rest of America. The use of public relations has greatly increased from president to president. The role of public speeches was not that big a deal back in the day, but now everything the president says out in public is heard nationally and live. The advancements in technology and the growth of public relations  have made it tremendously easier for the audience to know what is happening with the government.


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