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I entered Integrated Strategic Communication not knowing anything about the course. All I knew was that I was placed in the course by Michelle Kelly because it was an open communications course. Little did I know then that this course was about public relations, a field I may partake in the future.

In my first post (link below) I said “Strategic Communication to me is the communicating of ideas and data over a prolonged period of time to achieve a certain goal. It is more of a long term process that requires planning and guidance to convey information in which organizations can use.” I still think that it is a good definition but I would have to take back the it is a “long term process.” I realize that communication in this technologically advanced world is instant. Through the use of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, information and ideas can be shared at the click of a button.

I would have to say that the course has influenced me greatly in that I understand the importance of Public Relations and the use of media. Before, I viewed as public relations as face to face relations where a PR professional is hired by a company to influence a business partnership. When I thought of public relations I used to think it was about playing on the golf course where a PR professional plays a round of golf with executives of other businesses and investors in efforts to encourage relations with the company at hand. I now know that there is so much more to public relations than that. Public relations involves communicating to large audiences as well as small ones. And the ways to communicate no longer have to be face to face but rather through the various media outlets.


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From Comm 306,  integrated strategic communications, I really learned a lot. From the mistakes that I have made to the progress I made, here are my top 5 tips for success in Comm 306.

  1. Blogging is everything. When I say blogging is everything, I mean it is just about all there is for this class. 40% of the grade is from blogging, that is worth a lot. Also, when blogging make sure you spend enough time to look it over  because part of the criteria is to have perfect grammar. And when you rush your work, it is easy to make a few mistakes here and there. Furthermore, make the blogs look good and have a purpose. Don’t blog just trying to cram info because you know that no one wants to read a page of straight info.
  2. Don’t fall behind. I know many students leave everything to the last minute, and this is definitely not the class to do so. Blogs may seem short and easy, but to have good blog posts requires time and effort. It is really easy to fall behind on blogging because for most of the semester the emphasis on blogging is not too much. For me I thought “well, all the blogs are due by April 26, so I will just bang them out in the last couple days.” That just doesn’t work. I realized in the later half of the semester that I need to consistently keep blogging or else I will be nowhere near completing all of them. It’s all about staying on top of your blog every single week. This way, its not tough at all. You just have to take initiative and not slack off. Not to mention that you will lose marks for posting all your blogs in bulk and not posting on the expected week.
  3. Don’t stop reading. I admit that reading a textbook is not the most enjoyable thing to do. But the textbook for this class is not bad because some of the chapters are really interesting. For me, because I have an interest in public relationsI found some of the information useful. Also, reading for PR is not like reading a textbook in science or business class, it is more in tune with what is happening in our lives now that influence us as humans. Going back to my second tip, you don’t want to fall behind on reading because it is a lot of reading. It took me approximately at least 30 minutes to read a chapter and blog. With 20 chapters I estimate that is is around 17 hours of work. You might think “well, 17 hours isn’t that bad, I can just bang it out in one full day.” Wrong. You can only read so much and blog in one day. It’s because it is physically and mentally exhausting to do so.
  4. Remember its not that bad. You just have to understand that blogging is not like other class work. Some of the chapters and ISC Connections can actually be interesting. For me, once I completed my first really good blog, I felt really good about it. I self motivated myself to have a nice blog. I think a good way of thinking is to think of your blog as your own personal website. You have to take care of it and make it look good. Like a pet, you have to feed it with blogs consistently. Cause if you leave your pet to starve until the end, it will metaphorically die or fail.
  5. Go to the first month of class. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend my first month of classes. Turns out, in those few classes, I missed too much. I missed out on learning how to blog. Those classes teach you how to use the blogging website, “,” and teach you the importance of the blogs. For me, because I missed so much, I had trouble using the website and did not know what to do to make a good grade in this class.

These tips I think would be very useful for all who are going to be taking this class. At first I really disliked the class because it thought blogging was a bunch of non sense. To be honest, I thought blogging was for computer nerds who had no friends so they would use it to share their thoughts. I learned, that not the case. The world of communication is changing ever so quickly, and social media, such as blogging, is becoming an integral part of it.


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I am a sophomore at Queens University of Charlotte and play for the Royals golf team. I have yet to decide my major but I am choosing between Business and Communications. Born in South Korea, I moved to Vancouver, Canada, at the age of six. Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada about a two hour drive above Seattle, Washington. My greatest passion in life is golf, and I hope to play professionally one day.

The reason I took this class was because I needed another communications class in the class schedule. Not only that, I do have some  interest in the field of public relations, if my golfing careers does not work out. I hope to learn about PR and what it takes to work in  public relations.

I have no past in blogging but I do understand that it is a great way to put yourself out in the public. By blogging one can publicly reveal his/her passions and interests to gain attention. My only real connection to blogging comes from watching the TV show “How I met your Mother.” In the show, one of the main characters ,”Barney Stinson,” often refers to his blog in which he publishes many interesting ideas and facts about himself. He in fact, works as a manager in a large banking company called GNB. Although this may not be the greatest example, it shows that blogging is an essential part in business.

Strategic Communication to me is the communicating of ideas and data over a prolonged period of time to achieve a certain goal. It is more of a long term process that requires planning and guidance to convey information in which organizations can use.

I understand that the age that we are living in is becoming more technologically advanced. We now use computers and the internet to convey ideas rather than on paper. So I have come to see that PR and the sharing of information online is the next big thing in the rapidly changing world of today. So I say goodbye to paper, hello to the world wide web.