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Taylormade golf started in 1979 has grown to become one of the largest golf companies in the world. They are arguably the number 1 in golf club manufacturering. I believe that their success is directly due to their emphasis in public relations.

When you visit their website,, you will see that it is extremely well made. Compare it to another golf company’s website like, and it is no denying that the Taylormade site is much superior.

Taylormade’s greatest advantage is in the endorsing golf professionals all around the world. They offer sponsorships more than any other company. This way they have the ablity to say they have the credibiltiy to say that they make the best drivers in the world because the have the most pros playing their product. The name Taylormade in pro golf is absoluteltly everywhere, therefore people see it and are more inclined to buy their product. Not to mention, their partnership with adidas gives them more publictiy.

Also, Taylormade generates more customers due to their awsome commercials. They just spend more money on advertising and marketing their products because they know that the money invested into it will be returned with more profit. Here is one of their commercials shown below.


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Communication has changed in that we utilize technology to its full advantage. I think that music must also take the leap forward in using technology on a more consumer level. What I am referring to is the DJ era. Unlike many years ago where beats were generally made with instruments and recorded, we now use midi devices and computers to generate the same sound. This kind of equipment is used by so many music producers and Djs. What I think would be a good idea is to have it more available for the average Joe that likes music. Some products are currently on the market but they are not advertised much at all.

Since elementary school to my junior year in high school, I played the clarinet. I honestly hated it with a passion because it was just not cool. So what if I could play it well, it wasn’t as though people my age listened to clarinet solos on their ipod. I hated not being able to play along with songs on TV and the fact that creating a song was useless cause it would get no appreciation. Now, music has progressed more into the digital age. Many songs that are popular today don’t have actual drummers and guitarists but digitized sounds.

Being that I enjoy music like techno and house I gave it a try. I managed to buy a DJ mixer and programs to operate it (shown below). I started to mix songs together and it was really fun. Next I started to create my own beats for a song. With my music background I can say that now my computer and mixers are like my new instruments.

Music is changing to this kind of medium so why not publicize this kind of equipment and software? I have seen some progress in the gaming industry with the introduction of DJ hero. It was a good concept but did not sell very well I think because it wasn’t really like true DJing. Also, it was not fun for a person coming from a musical background because it seemed too much like a toy.

My hope in the future there will be wide public usage of digital music products. Here is a software download link (shown below)to try mixing songs just with your computer. Did I mention it is free!

Native Instrument’s Traktor

Virtual DJ


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Endorsements play a huge role in professional sports. When I see a PGA Tour golfer wearing certain clothes and using a brand of golf clubs, I want to get what they use. Brands have the power to influence the world by having pros use their products and services.

Tiger Woods for example, when I was getting into golf I wanted to be just like him, I wanted everything Nike. Golf clubs, I got Nike. Clothes, I got Nike. Shoes, I got Nike. It did not matter if Nike had better products or not, I just wanted Nike. That’s how Nike Golf made millions.

I think, endorsement and branding have the most influence on kids because when we are young, we want whatever the coolest has. At that time, Tiger, was the man. I know for a fact that Nike Golf would be nowhere close to be competing with the best golf companies out there. Pros in fact are a role model for the people that play their sport. It is amazing how their actions reflect the consumer market.

The Nike commercial above for instance. The video is nothing but Tiger juggling a golf ball with his club. It in no way shows how the Nike products themselves are better. No scientific evidence or anything. The only thing the commercial portrays in Tiger and his skill. Kids see a commercial like this and they remember it because its cool. So children think, “Because Tiger is cool, then Nike must be cool right? Because Tiger is the best golfer, Nike must be the best clubs right?” Looking back, I now know that Nike’s clubs were not close to being as good as the competition. But I fell for Nike’s effective endorsement of Tiger Woods. He alone made all the difference.


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Google, a powerhouse in the world of business, has taken initiative to spend more money on lobbying. Google spent a whopping 1.48 million compared to the 1.38 last year on lobbying. Not to mention, Facebook also spent some $230, 000 on lobbying. The amount doesn’t seem like a lot compared to what Google spent but it is still five times more than what they spent last year.

The reason Google decided on spending more is because of the government’s unsureness of Google’s “$700-million purchase of airline fare tracker ITA Software and the privacy uproar after the launch of social networking service Buzz.” I realize that Google sees interest in the social networking service. So, clearly, as the social networking business rises Google is buying out those types of services because they know the future lies in the internet.


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Throughout the world soccer is a huge source of entertainment. It is the most played sport on earth yet I do not think that it is very well portrayed in America. Yes, lots American’s play, but for such a popular sport the media support is just not existent. The public relations side of soccer in America is in need of a boost.

Being that the United States is largely a multicultural country there is no reason why soccer should not prosper. Look at the NFL for instance, the amount of work and money invested in the media is tremendous. Whereas you virtually see no commercials or advertising for the MLS. It is so bad that most people don’t even know what MLS (Major League Soccer) stands for! What the MLS needs to do first is to get the name out more. People need to hear about the MLS more often on the news and on the streets.

Also, the MLS is in need of more stars. Back when David Beckham was signed by the LA Galaxy the MLS gained lots of hype. After he joined famous names started popping up in the MLS. But since then, much of the hype has been lost, and there is need for a new face. They must get world class players in the US to promote soccer on a higher level because currently the MLS is disregarded as a unrecognized club.

Commercials like the one below have to be aired on TV because they are effective. When I, personally, see a commercial like this, it make me want to play soccer and watch soccer. But, however good a commercial it may be, it was not shown enough for people to repeatedly see and grasp.

The only problem is the money. With the economy at a low it is tough for the MLS to invest lots of money into advertising. Not to mention, because the MLS doesn’t have much money, they have trouble recruiting world class players that would create more views. All the issues are connected being that if they had better publicity, they would have more fans, with more fans come more money, and with more money better players. My suggestion for the MLS would be to concentrate on publicity because, unlike advertising, it does not cost much money.


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As we have learned in class, the use of social media networks has become a powerful tool in communicating ideas. Google’s marketing executive, Wael Ghonim, who is in charge of the operations in Egypt used mediums like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with the people of Egypt. He is using social media to connect with the Egyptians because he knows that it is a quick and efficient way of spreading words.

Ever since the end of President Mubarak, Egypt has been struggling to get back on its feet. People want and need a voice but much of what they are saying is unheard. The people holding on to the power in Egypt are in essence the one’s corrupting it. Wael, want to be the change in this. He understands that there is a need for new voice that will echo among the people of Egypt.

Wael, in fact, has gone out of his way to support the people of Egypt by taking a break from Google and starting his own nongovernmental organization. He announced on Twitter that he ” Decided to take a long term sabbatical from Google and start a technology-focused NGO to help fight poverty and foster education in Egypt.” It is a perfect example of how Twitter has become such a useful tool in announcing information. However, before this happened, Ghonim was actually put in prison for what he posted on his Facebook. He, visibly, was encouraging the pro democracy movement on Facebook and his message was seen by thousands.

For the very reason that Ghonim’s message was heard, is why the Egyptian government had banned the internet. It is because social media is such an efficient way to pass information whether it be good or bad. I hope that the efforts of Wael Ghonim be heard and that the corruption in Egypt be put to an end. And I have a feeling that the use of social media is going to have a huge effect on the outcome.


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As most of us know, on March 11, 2011, there was a magnitude 9 earthquake that shook off the coast of Japan. It triggered a tsunami that killed 10, 000 people and counting. This tragedy was one for the ages, to see one of the most developed countries crumble under a tide of water was absolutely unprecedented. But luckily their travesty will not go unnoticed. People all over the world especially through the help of the American Red Cross has stepped up to aid a fellow country in need.

The publicity of celebrities helping the Japanese  through media has greatly increased their exposure. Highly renown celebrities like Lady Gaga have made great leaps in efforts to gain the people’s attention to the issue at hand. She started the sale of wristbands that say “We Pray for Japan” that go for $5,  and is donating the profits to the Japan Relief Effort.

They can be purchased at:

A surprise celebrity that has also happened show share his generosity is Actor/Comedian Charlie Sheen. “The actor has pledged to donate $1 from every ticket sold for his upcoming stand-up comedy tour. The donations will be put towards the Red Cross’s relief efforts in Japan.” (Celebrities Ask Fans To Help Japan). Quite a delightful surprise coming from the man that has recently being dealing with many problems himself.

Not only have Hollywood celebrities taken a stand but so did athletes. One of many is Korea’s star golfer, K.J Choi, who donated a hefty $100,000 to the American Red Cross. He did this through his own charitable foundation the “The K.J Choi Foundation.”

The help of these celebrities and their philanthropy have immensely helped out in publicizing the need for help in Japan. They have done this on their own will and hope that the people of the world don’t ignore their efforts either.

If you would like to donate to people of Japan in the earthquake relief effort please click below:


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