Chapter 18: Public Relations and Social Media

Posted: April 25, 2011 in COMM 306, Reading Notes, Uncategorized

Social media, no doubt, is becoming the next big thing in public relations. With the introduction of websites such as Facebook and Twitter, communication has never been so rapid and efficient. I know first hand that without Facebook it would be a lot tougher to communicate with my friends. On a financial stand point, using social media is a great advantage in that unlike advertising, the use of social media is very cheap.

Another new concept on the internet is blogging. It has greatly grown in that blogging is like a good plague. Bloggers spread word and like a “sneeze” (pg.399). They blog of something, that info is essentially like a sneeze, and it is spread from person to person through other blogs, social media networks, word of mouth, and more. The disadvantage of blogging is that companies cannot control what consumer’s say on their blogs.

Furthermore, the technological advancements have allowed for people to view videos and share amongst eachother. The most popular site for videos is Youtube. Thousands of people post their videos for free and have the opportunity for their videos to be seen by thousands even millions of people. It doesnt end there, videos often are shared among friends through mediums like facebook. I watch videos on Youtube all the time and I post ones I find good on my friends Facebooks for them and their friends to see. Also, websites like Youtube are benificial to companies in that they can post their advertisements videos for free! Sometimes consumers make commercials for companies just for the fun, they are called viral commercials. Here is an example shown below.


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