ISC Connection 7:The Reason Why Taylormade Golf is so Successful

Posted: April 24, 2011 in COMM 306, ISC Connections, Uncategorized

Taylormade golf started in 1979 has grown to become one of the largest golf companies in the world. They are arguably the number 1 in golf club manufacturering. I believe that their success is directly due to their emphasis in public relations.

When you visit their website,, you will see that it is extremely well made. Compare it to another golf company’s website like, and it is no denying that the Taylormade site is much superior.

Taylormade’s greatest advantage is in the endorsing golf professionals all around the world. They offer sponsorships more than any other company. This way they have the ablity to say they have the credibiltiy to say that they make the best drivers in the world because the have the most pros playing their product. The name Taylormade in pro golf is absoluteltly everywhere, therefore people see it and are more inclined to buy their product. Not to mention, their partnership with adidas gives them more publictiy.

Also, Taylormade generates more customers due to their awsome commercials. They just spend more money on advertising and marketing their products because they know that the money invested into it will be returned with more profit. Here is one of their commercials shown below.


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