ISC Connection 6: The New Instrument

Posted: April 24, 2011 in COMM 306, ISC Connections, Uncategorized

Communication has changed in that we utilize technology to its full advantage. I think that music must also take the leap forward in using technology on a more consumer level. What I am referring to is the DJ era. Unlike many years ago where beats were generally made with instruments and recorded, we now use midi devices and computers to generate the same sound. This kind of equipment is used by so many music producers and Djs. What I think would be a good idea is to have it more available for the average Joe that likes music. Some products are currently on the market but they are not advertised much at all.

Since elementary school to my junior year in high school, I played the clarinet. I honestly hated it with a passion because it was just not cool. So what if I could play it well, it wasn’t as though people my age listened to clarinet solos on their ipod. I hated not being able to play along with songs on TV and the fact that creating a song was useless cause it would get no appreciation. Now, music has progressed more into the digital age. Many songs that are popular today don’t have actual drummers and guitarists but digitized sounds.

Being that I enjoy music like techno and house I gave it a try. I managed to buy a DJ mixer and programs to operate it (shown below). I started to mix songs together and it was really fun. Next I started to create my own beats for a song. With my music background I can say that now my computer and mixers are like my new instruments.

Music is changing to this kind of medium so why not publicize this kind of equipment and software? I have seen some progress in the gaming industry with the introduction of DJ hero. It was a good concept but did not sell very well I think because it wasn’t really like true DJing. Also, it was not fun for a person coming from a musical background because it seemed too much like a toy.

My hope in the future there will be wide public usage of digital music products. Here is a software download link (shown below)to try mixing songs just with your computer. Did I mention it is free!

Native Instrument’s Traktor

Virtual DJ


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