Chapter 9: Media Relations/ Print Broadcast

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The media can be seen as the enemy or as an ally. For organizations who only want positive things to be publicized they see media as both good and bad. This is because reporters do not care what kind of story it is, as long as it is a interesting story they will use it. For this very reason organizations are not big fans of reporters because much of the time reporters publicize bad news about the organization. I noticed that when I look at the news most of the stories are bad news. Why is this? Its because troubling news is more interesting than happy news. What sounds more interesting, a story of a company that launched a new finance sector or a story about a company that laid off 10% of their employees?

With the growth of the internet, media has greatly shifted to the web. Because of this, the use of newspapers and print media has gone through a loss. I personally, do not read newspapers, because for one, it is not very available being that I live on campus. Secondly and most importantly, I don’t feel a need for it because I can hear all the news through the internet and television. However, print companies, to compete, have also gone online. Because newspapers are one of the most credible sources of information, people go to their websites to read about news.  The use of newspapers still has not died. Actually, “newspapers still dominate the nation’s news schedule.”(pg.206).  the front page of newspapers are what inform the nation of the news that is of utmost importance.

Internet, has incredible speed, lots to info attainable, and have various sources. The internet is becoming such a power house for media because it now much more available for people all across the world. The web has the advantage over paper being that a lot of the news is instant and very in the moment. The news can be updated as often as possible online, whereas on paper, it will take at least a day to create and distribute. The main reason why people are heading to the web instead of print is that print is much less accessible. In a developed country like the United States internet is accessible to much of the population. Print, is not as available because distributing the paper is not a quick and easy task.

Moreover, publicity like the internet is also on the rise. One thing must be set straight and that is publicity and advertising are different. Publicity involves communicating directly with media and letting the audience take what they want from it. Whereas, advertisements require spending money to communicate. Advertisement are effective but its coming to a point where there are so many advertisements that lots of them are disregarded. For me, I’m sick of seeing ads over and over again so when I watch television I just flip to another channel. Publicity takes a different approach that is also effective with different benefits. First of all, publicity does not cost nearly as much money as ads. “The rough rule of thumb is 10 percent of equivalent advertising expenditures.”(pg. 216). Also, publicity takes more of an indirect approach of communicating that delivers information to the audience through a third party. For instance, when a talk show host talks about a company. The info is delivered by a credible person and not forced upon like an ad, publicity is incredibly effective. And because people aren’t going to flip the channel just because a talk show host is talking about a company or product, the message is heard instead of disregarded.


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