Social media, no doubt, is becoming the next big thing in public relations. With the introduction of websites such as Facebook and Twitter, communication has never been so rapid and efficient. I know first hand that without Facebook it would be a lot tougher to communicate with my friends. On a financial stand point, using social media is a great advantage in that unlike advertising, the use of social media is very cheap.

Another new concept on the internet is blogging. It has greatly grown in that blogging is like a good plague. Bloggers spread word and like a “sneeze” (pg.399). They blog of something, that info is essentially like a sneeze, and it is spread from person to person through other blogs, social media networks, word of mouth, and more. The disadvantage of blogging is that companies cannot control what consumer’s say on their blogs.

Furthermore, the technological advancements have allowed for people to view videos and share amongst eachother. The most popular site for videos is Youtube. Thousands of people post their videos for free and have the opportunity for their videos to be seen by thousands even millions of people. It doesnt end there, videos often are shared among friends through mediums like facebook. I watch videos on Youtube all the time and I post ones I find good on my friends Facebooks for them and their friends to see. Also, websites like Youtube are benificial to companies in that they can post their advertisements videos for free! Sometimes consumers make commercials for companies just for the fun, they are called viral commercials. Here is an example shown below.


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When there is a crisis we know what is up. The use of the internet and social media allows us to communicate anything and news like a crisis spreads extremely fast. The problem is that the word of the crisis spreads so fast and to many that there need to be a force that mends the damage. This is where public relations professionals come in.

PR professionals are hired to give advice to handle the public so the reputation of the one in the crisis is not harmed or less harmed. The media must be handled with proper care because they have the opportunity, in a crisis, to ruin a company’s/person’s reputation. There are 10 general principles:

  1. Speak first and often.
  2. Don’t speculate.
  3. Go off the record at your own peril.
  4. Stay with the facts.
  5. Be open and concerned,  not defensive.
  6. Make your point and repeat it.
  7. Don’t wage war with the media.
  8. Establish yourself as the most authoritative source.
  9. Stay Calm and be truthful and cooperative.
  10. Never lie.

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I think the most important of those rules are number 1 and number 10. Number one because by speaking first and often there are less rumors and speculation of the crisis. Number 10 because, like the essential rule of PR, lying will lead to disaster.

Tiger Woods for instance I’m sure could have handled his crisis better. First of all, he lied and told the press that the incident of crashing his car infront of his house was a complete accident. He also breached rule 4 of staying with the facts because he changed his facts a few times. He tried to deny anything he did at first. Like how he first started by saying he had an affair with one girl, but later admitted to having sexual relations with multiple girls. Once, a well respected golfer by much of the world, now he is just starting to earn some respect back after losing much of it. Below is a video of his appology speach.


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The media can be seen as the enemy or as an ally. For organizations who only want positive things to be publicized they see media as both good and bad. This is because reporters do not care what kind of story it is, as long as it is a interesting story they will use it. For this very reason organizations are not big fans of reporters because much of the time reporters publicize bad news about the organization. I noticed that when I look at the news most of the stories are bad news. Why is this? Its because troubling news is more interesting than happy news. What sounds more interesting, a story of a company that launched a new finance sector or a story about a company that laid off 10% of their employees?

With the growth of the internet, media has greatly shifted to the web. Because of this, the use of newspapers and print media has gone through a loss. I personally, do not read newspapers, because for one, it is not very available being that I live on campus. Secondly and most importantly, I don’t feel a need for it because I can hear all the news through the internet and television. However, print companies, to compete, have also gone online. Because newspapers are one of the most credible sources of information, people go to their websites to read about news.  The use of newspapers still has not died. Actually, “newspapers still dominate the nation’s news schedule.”(pg.206).  the front page of newspapers are what inform the nation of the news that is of utmost importance.

Internet, has incredible speed, lots to info attainable, and have various sources. The internet is becoming such a power house for media because it now much more available for people all across the world. The web has the advantage over paper being that a lot of the news is instant and very in the moment. The news can be updated as often as possible online, whereas on paper, it will take at least a day to create and distribute. The main reason why people are heading to the web instead of print is that print is much less accessible. In a developed country like the United States internet is accessible to much of the population. Print, is not as available because distributing the paper is not a quick and easy task.

Moreover, publicity like the internet is also on the rise. One thing must be set straight and that is publicity and advertising are different. Publicity involves communicating directly with media and letting the audience take what they want from it. Whereas, advertisements require spending money to communicate. Advertisement are effective but its coming to a point where there are so many advertisements that lots of them are disregarded. For me, I’m sick of seeing ads over and over again so when I watch television I just flip to another channel. Publicity takes a different approach that is also effective with different benefits. First of all, publicity does not cost nearly as much money as ads. “The rough rule of thumb is 10 percent of equivalent advertising expenditures.”(pg. 216). Also, publicity takes more of an indirect approach of communicating that delivers information to the audience through a third party. For instance, when a talk show host talks about a company. The info is delivered by a credible person and not forced upon like an ad, publicity is incredibly effective. And because people aren’t going to flip the channel just because a talk show host is talking about a company or product, the message is heard instead of disregarded.


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All companies need an identity, that is why they brand themselves. When I see a brand like Nike, I know that this company is regarded for generally good products. I hear the name everywhere and see the logo whereever I go. Compared to the branding of Reebok, they do not pop in my mind when I think of a sporting company.

The principles of branding include.

  • Being early. Its all about being the first to people’s minds. The law of primacy suggests “people are more likely to remember you if you were the first in their minds in a particular category.”(pg. 378).
  • Being memorable. The brand must be different than the competitors so people can have a clear sense of which product is which. For example, golf ball companies have to brand themselves so they seem more inovative and better than their competitors.
  • Being aggresive. Companies must stay persistant in their efforts to maintain and gain customers because the competition is so fierce that there is no room to take it easy.
  • Using heritage. Because of people like the baby boomers, companies must not forget to utilize their influence. Baby boomers like the old products that they depended on so creating similar products that the new age can depend on is a good idea.
  • Creating personality. Companies must have their own thing that people know them for. For instance, the most played driver on the PGA Tour is Taylormade Golf. The number 1 in golf balls is Titleist. The nicest airline is Singapore Air. They all have something that represents who they are.

(pg. 378-379)

Moreover, the 21st century has brought along new integrated marketing techniques. One of such is televison and movie product placements. Recently in the last couple of years I have noticed how movies incorporate brands into the scene. A lot of the time it is not blatant but the brand is shown off in a casual and passing way. Product placement in movies is effective in that the products are seen by millions of people. This is why most product placement is done in large scale movies. Below is an example of product placement being ridiculed in the movie “The Truman Show.”


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Taylormade golf started in 1979 has grown to become one of the largest golf companies in the world. They are arguably the number 1 in golf club manufacturering. I believe that their success is directly due to their emphasis in public relations.

When you visit their website,, you will see that it is extremely well made. Compare it to another golf company’s website like, and it is no denying that the Taylormade site is much superior.

Taylormade’s greatest advantage is in the endorsing golf professionals all around the world. They offer sponsorships more than any other company. This way they have the ablity to say they have the credibiltiy to say that they make the best drivers in the world because the have the most pros playing their product. The name Taylormade in pro golf is absoluteltly everywhere, therefore people see it and are more inclined to buy their product. Not to mention, their partnership with adidas gives them more publictiy.

Also, Taylormade generates more customers due to their awsome commercials. They just spend more money on advertising and marketing their products because they know that the money invested into it will be returned with more profit. Here is one of their commercials shown below.


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Communication has changed in that we utilize technology to its full advantage. I think that music must also take the leap forward in using technology on a more consumer level. What I am referring to is the DJ era. Unlike many years ago where beats were generally made with instruments and recorded, we now use midi devices and computers to generate the same sound. This kind of equipment is used by so many music producers and Djs. What I think would be a good idea is to have it more available for the average Joe that likes music. Some products are currently on the market but they are not advertised much at all.

Since elementary school to my junior year in high school, I played the clarinet. I honestly hated it with a passion because it was just not cool. So what if I could play it well, it wasn’t as though people my age listened to clarinet solos on their ipod. I hated not being able to play along with songs on TV and the fact that creating a song was useless cause it would get no appreciation. Now, music has progressed more into the digital age. Many songs that are popular today don’t have actual drummers and guitarists but digitized sounds.

Being that I enjoy music like techno and house I gave it a try. I managed to buy a DJ mixer and programs to operate it (shown below). I started to mix songs together and it was really fun. Next I started to create my own beats for a song. With my music background I can say that now my computer and mixers are like my new instruments.

Music is changing to this kind of medium so why not publicize this kind of equipment and software? I have seen some progress in the gaming industry with the introduction of DJ hero. It was a good concept but did not sell very well I think because it wasn’t really like true DJing. Also, it was not fun for a person coming from a musical background because it seemed too much like a toy.

My hope in the future there will be wide public usage of digital music products. Here is a software download link (shown below)to try mixing songs just with your computer. Did I mention it is free!

Native Instrument’s Traktor

Virtual DJ


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I entered Integrated Strategic Communication not knowing anything about the course. All I knew was that I was placed in the course by Michelle Kelly because it was an open communications course. Little did I know then that this course was about public relations, a field I may partake in the future.

In my first post (link below) I said “Strategic Communication to me is the communicating of ideas and data over a prolonged period of time to achieve a certain goal. It is more of a long term process that requires planning and guidance to convey information in which organizations can use.” I still think that it is a good definition but I would have to take back the it is a “long term process.” I realize that communication in this technologically advanced world is instant. Through the use of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, information and ideas can be shared at the click of a button.

I would have to say that the course has influenced me greatly in that I understand the importance of Public Relations and the use of media. Before, I viewed as public relations as face to face relations where a PR professional is hired by a company to influence a business partnership. When I thought of public relations I used to think it was about playing on the golf course where a PR professional plays a round of golf with executives of other businesses and investors in efforts to encourage relations with the company at hand. I now know that there is so much more to public relations than that. Public relations involves communicating to large audiences as well as small ones. And the ways to communicate no longer have to be face to face but rather through the various media outlets.


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